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Andy Ngo@AndyNgo
June 03, 2021
Antifa: 'I can't wait for you to come out Andy'

On May 28, 2021, after being beaten in downtown Portland by Antifa, Andy Ngo ran into the Nines Hotel to hide. One of the Antifa members chased after him and started a live stream to rally other nearby comrades to attack. She remains unidentified.

Andy Ngo@AndyNgo
February 25, 2021
Andy Ngo testifies at US House hearing on domestic terrorism

On 24 Feb., 2021, Andy Ngo gave testimony to the U.S. House judiciary hearing on the “Rise of Domestic Terrorism.” He spoke about the organized mass violence carried out in the Pacific Northwest throughout 2020 involving Antifa groups and cells.

Andy Ngo@AndyNgo
January 30, 2021
'Stop Selling Andy Ngo's Book!"

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