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Trans therapist charged over sexually assaulting autistic children in Indiana
Leomeir Kennedy, formerly Allison, allegedly told investigators it was like 'Christmas' when he molested one of the victims
April 16, 2023
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Local media is reporting the suspect is a "man," but my investigation reveals the suspect is a biological woman on cross-sex hormones

A trans suspect and online activist has been arrested in Greenwood, Ind. for allegedly molesting young children while babysitting and being employed at a therapy center for autistic children.

Leomeir Vincennes Kennedy, 30, was charged with three counts of child molestation and one count of possession of child porn following an arrest on April 12. Kennedy is a biological female who identifies as a man and has been documenting his transition using testosterone. Johnson County court documents list him as a "trans male."

I can report that Kennedy was previously known as Allison Kennedy and used to live in Vancouver, Wash.—across the river from Portland, Ore.

Leomeir V. Kennedy, formerly Allison, a biological female, documented his transition on social media

According to court documents, a Johnson County Sheriff's Office detective wrote that Kennedy confessed to Greenwood Police on April 11 to molesting three children he cared for. Kennedy allegedly said he molested one of the victims while babysitting in October 2017. That female one-year-old was molested on the genitals during a diaper change.

Leomeir V. Kennedy posted about his medical transition from female to male on social media

In 2022, Kennedy worked as a licensed behavior technician at the Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center for pediatric patients. There, he allegedly molested two more young children, preying on victims assigned to other staff to minimize suspicion. One victim was allegedly molested during a diaper change, while another had been molested under the guise of a tickle session. Kennedy allegedly told police one of the victims was nonverbal and the other was only semi-verbal. A mother of one of the autistic victims told local media she observed behavioral changes in the nonverbal child following the sex abuse.

Court documents say Kennedy told police it felt like "Christmas" when he was molesting one of the child victims at the therapy center. 

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office (Indiana) booking photo of Leomeir Kennedy
Leomeir Kennedy is a registered behavior technician in Indiana

Though most of Kennedy's social media is no longer online, a Pinterest account he operated for years documented his transition and online trans activism. There, he reposted images of breast-binding devices, photos of trans activists, and quotes or guides to inspire trans people. Kennedy also posted photos of him at various stages after starting "T," or testosterone. 

Leomeir Kennedy's Pinterest account was dedicated to trans activism and documenting his transition

"Selfie one month on T," Kennedy wrote in one post while sporting blue hair. "Identify with who you really are and never let anyone tell you that you are wrong," he wrote in another post.

Kennedy turned over his electronics to the sheriff's office as part of the investigation. Court documents allege that Kennedy communicated with other pedophiles and had "sexual images of very young children" on his mobile phone. He told a detective that he had been sexually abused as a child.

Kennedy is currently held in the Johnson County jail without bond. The sheriff's office was reached to ask whether Kennedy is jailed with men or women.

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Today's victory is a small vindication for the disappointing jury verdict earlier this month at trial. Collecting on these judgments will pose serious challenges; however, I’m deeply grateful for the support of the Center for American Liberty and my counsel Dorothy Yamamoto, Gregory Michael, Harmeet Dhillon, James Buchal and Mark Trammell for believing in me, and helping me hold these attackers accountable for trying to violently silence my First Amendment rights. While it will...

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you have to crawl before you can mock

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Walk the mock

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February 29, 2024
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Another trans Portland Antifa commits suicide
Stevie Pohlman was a band member of Mope Grooves

Another Portland Antifa associate has died. Earlier this month, far-left trans militant Stevie Pohlman, who used she/her pronouns and was a member of the band Mope Grooves, committed suicide.


Portland Trantifa associate Stevie Pohlman committed suicide in February 2024


Stevie Pohlman was a fan of extreme political violence

Tributes from the far-left have come in, with leftists blaming "transphobia" for the suicide. Pohlman recently raised nearly $11,000 on GoFundMe for "transition surgeries."

"I’ve wanted this surgery since I was a kid," Pohlman wrote, without elaborating on what type of transition surgery the money was to be spent on. "Recently, in conversation with another trans girl, I compared getting the surgery to ascending to heaven, without much exaggeration." Pohlman claimed being unable to work and unable to "lift, stand, nor sit" for any job.


Antifa members have written tributes to their deceased comrade


There is no evidence transphobia had a role in Stevie Pohlman's death

Pohlman's suicide echoes another Portland Antifa suicide. In 2021, violent Antifa member Jacob Andrew Camello killed itself. The violent rioter used the alias "Spoon" and "it/its" pronouns. Camello was also a sex worker who specialized in pornographic content where it stuck needles in itself. After this journalist reported on Camello's death, Antifa members made repeated death threats against me.

Another deceased trans Antifa member, Jacob Andrew Camello 

Jacob Andrew Camello, who used the alias 'Spoon,' made porn specializing in needles


Antifa's tributes to Jacob Camello include threats to kill Andy Ngo

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January 07, 2024
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Delaware hate crime suspect allegedly threatened to kill Mexican restaurant staff over food dispute
A 21-year-old black woman was arrested in Laurel, Del. for allegedly threatening to kill restaurant employees in a racist phone call over a food order dispute

The Delaware State Police announced they arrested a black female hate crime suspect who allegedly racially abused employees of a Mexican restaurant and made threats to shoot them and blow up the business. 

Aiyanna Winstead, 21, of Laurel, Del., allegedly called the Taco Chabelita Mexican restaurant on Dec. 30, 2023, and made threats to kill the employees. She also allegedly shouted racist statements at the staff. According to the state police, Winstead was furious over a food order dispute involving a family member. That 43-year-old family member was charged with second-degree criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

The Tacos Chabelita restaurant in Laurel, Del. says it specializes in traditional Mexican food

Winstead was arrested on Jan. 2 and charged with a felony hate crime and four counts of making terroristic threats. 

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January 04, 2024
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Ohio trans lawmaker candidate tried to hide prior name and active sex work life
Vanessa Joy, who was running for the Ohio House of Representatives as a Democrat, is claiming to be a victim of transphobia after being disqualified from the ballot for hiding a name change

Biased media and trans activists claim transphobic legislation is behind a trans activist candidate in Ohio being disqualified from the ballot. However, Vanessa Joy, who was running for the Ohio House of Representatives for District number 50 as a Democrat, violated state law when Joy failed to disclose a name change. The law, which has an exemption for those whose name changes through marriage, allows the public to vet candidates who may have been known under other identities.

Disinfo trans influencer Erin Reed, formerly known as Anthony Reed II

Joy, 42, has never publicly disclosed who they were prior to recently adopting the name, "Vanessa Joy." Joy has even petitioned a judge to seal the name change record, which was denied. I can exclusively report that Joy was previously known as Jeremy Michael Adams. Under that name, Joy filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy—something that was not told to potential voters.

Trans activist Vanessa Joy tried to hide that they were previously known as Jeremy Michael Adams

In addition, Joy did not disclose to the public that they're a sex worker. As recently as November 2023, Joy posted pornographic video of Joy masturbating to images of women. Joy uses the online monikers "vanesstradiol" and "sarcux" to promote their OnlyFans account, which advertises "pay-per-view" pornographic videos and photos. 

As recently as November 2023, Vanessa Joy posted pornographic content online


Vanessa Joy used the online moniker 'vanesstradiol' to promote their sex work

When presented as male, Joy lived as a heterosexual man and fathered a child, who is now a toddler. "I much prefer being a #mom over being a #dad," Joy wrote on Instagram. In a disturbing post on the Threads social media platform, Joy wrote about using a sex toy dilator in the same room with their young child. "I’m not in love with the fact that he saw my dilators sitting on a table and knew what they are," Joy wrote.

Vanessa Joy used a sex toy dilator in the same room with their young child

In a Reddit post last year, Joy wrote: My favorite part of transitioning? Looking down and seeing boobs. On me. My own." 

Vanessa Joy also used the online moniker 'Sarcux'


Vanessa Joy posted many pornographic images on their Reddit account

Joy's social media history shows extreme leftist views and that they used dehumanizing language to refer to conservatives. 

Vanessa Joy complained about the 'magats' in Ohio


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