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Suspects arrested over violent robbery that left Vietnamese mother in Houston paralyzed
Joseph Harrell is accused of body slamming Nhung Truong on her neck to seal cash from her
March 18, 2023
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Houston Police made two arrests over the violent robbery of Vietnamese woman Nhung Truong, who was left paralyzed by a spinal cord injury when she was body-slammed on Feb. 13 and had thousands in cash stolen. The surveillance video showed a black male violently robbing her at the Dun Huang Plaza in Houston.

Surveillance video of violent robber at the Dun Huang Plaza in Houston, Texas

Joseph Harrell, a 17-year-old with a criminal history and Zy'Nika Ayesha Woods, the alleged getaway driver, were charged with aggravated robbery with serious bodily injury.

Joseph Harrell
Zy'Nika Ayesha Woods

The children of Ms. Truong organized a GoFundMe campaign for their mother, who will require extensive rehabilitation therapy to be able to walk again. Nearly $250,000 has been raised.

Nhung Truong suffers from paralysis due to a spinal cord injury from the violent robbery

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March 25, 2023
Women's rights activist attacked by trans militants in New Zealand

Militant trans activists in Auckland, New Zealand attacked a women's rights rally featuring Kellie-Jay Keen on March 25, 2023. They broke down barricades and tried to rush the stage, forcing Keen to be evacuated. She argues that trans women are men and that children should not be transitioned. Her views have caused her to be smeared as a "transphobic fascist" and "Nazi" by left-wing activists and politicians.

Deadly hidden traps found in area of future Atlanta police training center targeted by Antifa

In the latest shocking development out of the "Stop Cop City" far-left terrorist campaign, Dekalb County, Ga. issued an emergency executive order closing large swathes of public property after potentially deadly booby traps were found hidden under foliage in a park frequented by people and their pets. Dekalb County CEO Michael Thurmond made the announcement at a press conference on March 24, 2023. For months, Antifa and far-left extremists from across the U.S. (and even internationally) have carried out attacks on the area and police, including committing a shooting, to prevent the construction of a future Atlanta police training facility. An SPLC staffer/NLG member was charged with domestic terrorism among 41 others so far.

March 23, 2023
Tucker Carlson reads controversial Andy Ngo tweet

Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for reading my tweet on your March 23, 2023 show. As if it weren’t possible, it was one of my more controversial “hate fact” posts, inspiring threats against me.

October 07, 2021
Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired

On 7 Oct., 2021, Andy Ngo spoke with Portland radio host Lars Larsen about the latest far-left attempts to de-flatform and cancel him.

Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired
October 05, 2021
The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo was chronicled on the 5 Oct., 2021, episode of the American Story podcast hosted by Christopher Flannery, a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Subscribe to the podcast here:

The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo
July 10, 2021
Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill

I am uploading my podcast episodes here after SoundCloud banned (then unbanned) me. Many of you may not have heard my 2019–20 podcast episodes from "Things You Should Ngo." Here is my interview with Brendan O'Neill about the weaponization of political correctness. It was first uploaded in September 2019.

Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill
February 01, 2022
New update to 'Unmasked' available now via paperback

Antifa tried to get my book banned last year. They then stalked and beat me in Portland to prevent me from writing the updates in "Unmasked." The new paperback edition of the NYT bestseller is out now:

Who funds Antifa protests? We all do

The most common question I’m asked about far-left rioters and Antifa is: “Who funds them?” The answer may surprise you: We all do. Read my new piece about how cities paying multi-million dollar settlements to riot suspects fund the operation and reward militants for getting arrested. Unsurprisingly, George Soros is also involved. Read:

42 minutes ago
Andy Ngo reports: Nashville Christian school mass shooter identified as trans artist Audrey Hale

BREAKING: The deceased mass shooter of the Christian school in Nashville has been identified as trans person Audrey E. Hale.

Three children and three staff were murdered at the Covenant School by a heavily armed Hale. The 28-year-old shooter is a woman who uses the pronouns "he/him" and the name "Aiden." The shooting comes amid a surge in far-left death threats in Tennessee over the state banning the medical transitioning of minors.

March 26, 2023
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Trans person alleges black female TSA agent at JFK punched her in the balls
The claim went viral before being deleted

On Saturday night, I was the first to break the news that a trans person alleged a black female TSA agent at JFK International Airport punched her in the balls. Twitter user "@massofclay" posted the accusations on social media, garnering a response from JFK's official Twitter account. The story was then picked up by the Daily Mail and the New York Post

Trans person @massofclay posted photos on social media about allegedly being punched in the testicles


JFK Airport's official Twitter account responded to the woman's complaint

"[I] haven't stopped crying since an hour ago. my balls still hurt so bad," the trans woman tweeted on Saturday night.

The alleged incident is unconfirmed and the trans person deleted the tweets. An archive of her thread can be read here

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March 24, 2023
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Portland Apple store removes metal barrier nearly three years after BLM-Antifa riots
A look back on the the first night of rioting in Portland that sparked months of Antifa violence

Nearly three years after BLM-Antifa rioters smashed up and looted Portland's flagship Apple store in honor of George Floyd, the towering metal protective barrier has finally been removed this week. In its place is a permanent polycarbonate wall, unique to Apple in Portland. The individual panels would be cheaper to replace if they were damaged. Apple pledged $100 million USD to BLM-style causes for "racial equity."

From 2020 to 2023, Portland's flagship Apple store looked like a military checkpoint. Courtesy image

Overnight between May 29–30, 2020, the first night of months of far-left rioting in Portland, hundreds of rioters ransacked downtown. I witnessed white Antifa members in black bloc uniforms smash open stores and doors to help black rioters loot. 

By early morning on May 30, 2020, cleaners tried as quickly as possible to remove evidence of the violence the night before. Photo: Andy Ngo

The Apple store was looted clean, as was the Gucci and dozens of businesses in downtown. The few remaining iPads and devices I saw left behind were damaged in the course of the looting.

Antifa sprayed 'ACAB'—all cops are bastards. Photo: Andy Ngo
Discarded Apple devices outside the looted store were left behind because they were broken. Photo: Andy Ngo

Apple boarded up the store with wooden panels for months and invited left-wing artists to make an anti-police BLM mural. As the riots continued into 2021, the building was set on fire between April 16–17, 2021. I chronicle the 2020 riots and far-left uprising in detail in my book, "Unmasked." 

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March 04, 2023
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Trans woman with history of child sex crimes sentenced for propositioning another minor for sex
Welsh trans woman Leah Harvey, formerly Joshua Harvey, has four prior convictions related to child sex crimes

Self-identified trans woman Leah Harvey, formerly Joshua Harvey, was sentenced last month at the Cardiff Crown Court (UK) to three years in prison for breaking a no-contact of minors order. Harvey followed and solicited a minor girl for sex at a hospital. The 28-year-old, of Caerphilly, Wales, already had four prior convictions related to child sex crimes. Harvey was also sentenced to an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.

New prison reforms in England and Wales (vehemently opposed by trans activists) that came into effect in February mean that nearly all trans women with penises will no longer be housed in women's prisons.

"Under the changes, transgender women who are sentenced to custody in the future will not be held in the general women’s estate if they retain male genitalia or have been convicted of a violent or sexual offence – unless in the most exceptional cases," announced the British government on Feb. 27.

A recent study on "gender diverse" prisoners published by the Canadian government found that over 44 percent of trans women inmates have a history of sex crimes, with over half of their victims being children. Over 41 percent of trans women inmates in Canadian federal prisons are incarcerated for homicides, which is twice as high as male inmates who still identify as men. 

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