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Breaking: Man accused of threatening to bomb area next to Washington state Tesla store identified
November 28, 2022
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After Antifa called for attacks on Tesla sites, Michael Paul Hargett allegedly carried out an arson attack next to a Seattle-area Tesla store and threatened to blow up the area

A 44-year-old Seattle-area man has been identified as the suspect in Friday's violent arson attack and bomb threat next to a Tesla property in Lynnwood, Wash. that led to an hours-long standoff finally ended by a SWAT team unit. The arson attack and bomb threat followed promises the same day by Twitter Antifa accounts to burn down Tesla properties as revenge against Elon Musk for suspending their accounts.

Hours before the bomb threat and arson attack, Antifa had called for Tesla properties to be targeted as revenge against Elon Musk
"AshRedacted" was a Portland Antifa account that organized and promoted violent direct actions

Michael Paul Hargett allegedly threatened a business owner with a screwdriver at a business next to a Tesla store on Nov. 25 before threatening responding police with a crowbar. According to the Lynnwood Police Department, Hargett said he was armed with a handgun. An attempt to tase the suspect failed. Police say he barricaded himself in a room and moved propane and acetylene tanks in position, threatening to blow up the area. 

Michael Paul Hargett allegedly carried out an arson attack next to a Seattle-area Tesla store and threatened to blow up the area

During the attack, Hargett allegedly smashed windows open so he could hurl projectiles at police. Once the suspect started a fire, a mobilized SWAT unit doused the flames with a fire hose before breaching the building by using a robot. Police evacuated the area during the stand off that lasted nearly five hours. 

Hargett was charged with felony second-degree assault, felony second-degree arson, felony first-degree malicious mischief of a business, felony theft of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Suspect Michael Paul Hargett has been charged with multiple felonies

The incident came at a tense time for Tesla as earlier the same day, a prominent Portland Antifa account that organized multiple violent direct actions had called for attacks on Tesla properties

"The fascist Elon Musk has chosen his side in history aligning with fascists and white supremacy so tonight we are calling for actions across the so-called 'US' at every local Tesla dealership," read the flyer shared by "@AshRedacted." The flyer listed Portland's Tesla store address and the account followed up with addresses of Tesla locations across the country. The account was later suspended following reporting by this journalist.

Though police have not stated a possible political motive for Friday's incident next to a Tesla store, Antifa accounts nonetheless praised the attack.

"Someone in Lynnwood, WA went to the Tesla service center last night and (allegedly) set it on fire only after (allegedly) threatening the pigs with a crowbar and getting tased. They had to call in swat. F—kin' legend," tweeted Rose City Antifa member, "@Redwood_PDX.

Portland Antifa account "Redwood_PDX" celebrated the attack next to the Tesla store

But not every Antifa account was happy that calls for attacks were announced early on Twitter. 

"You do not need to announce a target before hitting it. In fact you should explicitly not do that," wrote Portland Antifa account, "@dennisispeasant.

"If the goal is the immediate gains from an attack I shouldn’t know about it until after it happens and I should never know who did it...We are massively underpowered compared to our enemies and thus we must be f—ng sneaky."

Seattle-area reporter Jonathan Choe was outside the stand-off last Friday night. 

"When I arrived I saw multiple streets blocked off and the SWAT team was on scene trying to negotiate with a man who barricaded himself into an auto body shop," Choe said. "With multiple reports of threats by Antifa and far-left activists against Tesla, especially in the Pacific Northwest, I asked if this situation had anything to do with that. The officer said at the time he couldn’t confirm or deny anything since it was too early."

At the bail hearing for the suspect on Monday afternoon in Snohomish County, the judge said Hargett has another open criminal case for burglary. State prosecutors requested bail be increased from $50,000 to $100,000, but that was denied by the judge. Hargett is still currently in the county jail.




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On 7 Oct., 2021, Andy Ngo spoke with Portland radio host Lars Larsen about the latest far-left attempts to de-flatform and cancel him.

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The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo

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August 21, 2023
Breaking: Judge rules against defaulted Antifa defendants in Andy Ngo lawsuit

BREAKING: At a hearing today regarding three defaulted Antifa defendants in my Ngo v. Rose City Antifa, et al. lawsuit, the court heard evidence about the brutal June 29, 2019 beating I suffered at a Rose City Antifa event where I was seriously injured. The court found that I was indeed battered and assaulted by Madison "Denny" Lee Allen, Katherine "Corbyn" Belyea and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy (formerly Joseph Christian Evans). The court awarded me $300,000—to be split equally among these three attackers.

Today's victory is a small vindication for the disappointing jury verdict earlier this month at trial. Collecting on these judgments will pose serious challenges; however, I’m deeply grateful for the support of the Center for American Liberty and my counsel Dorothy Yamamoto, Gregory Michael, Harmeet Dhillon, James Buchal and Mark Trammell for believing in me, and helping me hold these attackers accountable for trying to violently silence my First Amendment rights. While it will...

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Black man convicted for murder of Portland BLM-Antifa rioter

Portland, Ore.—Aaron David Christopher has been convicted of killing 2020 BLM-Antifa rioter Joseph Robert Sipe. Christopher beat Sipe to death in May 2021 and burned his body in a firepit. A woman found the badly charred corpse and called police.

Christopher pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and first-degree abuse of a corpse. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Dec. 4.

Victim Sipe was arrested at an extremely violent BLM-Antifa riot in downtown Portland in September 2020 and was charged with attempted murder (two charges), possessing a destructive device and arson. District Attorney Mike Schmidt's office dropped the attempted murder charges. Sipe had pending felony riot and possessing a destructive device charges at the time he was killed.

Four Latinos arrested in Phoenix over brutal murder and mutilation of gay man

Four Latino men have been arrested in Phoenix, Ariz. over the murder of a gay man on a trail last month. The victim had been shot, beaten & mutilated. Suspect names: Christopher Ibarra, Jose Rodriguez, Leonardo Santiago and Manuel Carrasco Calderon. Read:

November 09, 2023
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Antifa domestic terrorism and RICO suspects grin in their arraignment photos

The 61 Antifa-linked RICO suspects accused of domestic terrorism, organized crime and/or money laundering for the "Defend the Atlanta Forest/Stop Cop City" network had their arraignment on Nov. 6 in Fulton County, Ga. at the same jail where Trump and his associates were booked in August.

Former U.S. DOJ intern Abigail Elizabeth Skapyak and French national Dimitri Roger Leny did not show up. The judge issued an arrest warrant for both of them. Fredrique Robert-Paul, of St. Pascal, Canada, did not show as well, though this may be due to travel issues and the judge delayed issuing an arrest warrant. 

This is the full list of the 61 indicted RICO defendants:

Jack Morgan Beamon, 22, of Athena, Ga.

Max Jacob Biederman, 25, of Tempe, Ariz.

Timothy E. Bilodeau, 26, of Boston, Mass.

Emma Katherine Bogush, 25, of Bethany, Conn.

Andrew Darnell Carlisle, 32, of Decatur, Ga.

Francis M. Carroll, 23, of Kennebunkport, Maine

Amin Jalal Chaoui, 29, of Richmond, Va.

Brooke Elaine Courtemanche, 27, of Wooster, Ohio

Colin Patrick Dorsey, 42, of Blue Hill, Mass.

Julia Caroline DuPuis, 24, of Atlanta, Ga.

Ariel Caitlin Ebaugh, 22, of Locust Grove, Ga.

Lillian Pearl Ellis, 30

Madeleine Feola, 22, of Oberlin, Ohio

Ivan James Ferguson, 23, of Henderson, Nev.

Phillip Allen Flagg, 29, of Worchester, Mass.

Maggie June Gates, 25, of Bloomington, Ind.

Nadja Geier, 24, of Nashville, Tenn.

Priscilla Christine Grim, 49

Sonali Gupta, 32

Luke Edward Harper, 27, of Lake Worth, Fla,

Serena Abby Hertel, 26, of Los Angeles, Calif.

Marianna Elizabeth Hoitt-Lange, 25, of New York

Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, of Atlanta, Ga,

Hannah Margaret Kass, 30, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Marlon Scott Kautz, 39, of Atlanta, Ga.

Ayla Elegia King, 19, of Worchester, Mass.

Katie Marie Kloth, 36, of Schofield, Pa.

Madeleine Gunther Kodat, 30, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Zoe C. Larmey, 26, of Nashville, Tenn.

Ana Gypsy Lee, 39, of Gainesville, Ga.

Dimitri Roger Leny, 25, of France

Spencer Bernard Liberto, 30, of Pittsburg, Pa.

Mattia Luini, 31, of New York, New York

Matthew Ernest Macar, 31, of Pittsburg, Pa.

Adele Garrett MacLean, 32, of Atlanta, Ga.

James Lee Marsicano, 30, of Charlette, N.C.

Grace Taylor Martin, 23, of Madison, Wisc.

Kayley Cheryl Meissner, 20, of Madison, Wisc.

Emily Murphy, 37, of Berkley, Mich.

Timothy A.R. Murphy, 26, of Rockport, Maine

Tyler John Norman, 39, of Blue Mountain, Wisc.

Leif Kingfisher Nicholas Novak, 31, of Tucson, Ariz.

Ehret William Nottingham, 22, of Fort Collins, Colo.

Nicholas Dean Olson, 26, of Bennington, Neb.

Alexis Achilles Papali, 49, of Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Geoffrey Parsons, 21, of Baltimore, Md.

Savannah D. Patterson, 30, of Atlanta, Ga.

Kamryn Durel Pipes, 27, of Baton Rouge, La.

Victor Enrique Puertas, 46, an illegal foreign national who resided in Provo, Utah

Christopher Reynolds, 32, of Ohio

Fredrique Robert-Paul, 35, of St. Pascal, Canada

Arieon T. Robinson, 22, of Milwaukee, Wisc.

Teresa Yue Shen, 32, of New York, New York

Abigail Elizabeth Skapyak, 24, of Savage, Minn.

Caroline Hart Tennenbaum, 36, of Atlanta, Ga.

Geneva Rose Tilbury, 25, of Kansas City, Mo.

Abeeku Osei Vassail, 23, of Atlanta, Ga.

Leonardo Zen Voiselle, 21, of Macon, Ga.

Samuel Clemens Ward, 26, of Mesa, Ariz.

William Budden Warren, 31, of Decatur, Ga.

Sarah Wasalewski, 35, of Pa.

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August 29, 2023
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Exclusive: View courtroom sketches of Ngo v. Antifa, et al. trial

Portland-based illustrator Tara Faul was in the courtroom during the trial for Andy Ngo v. Rose City Antifa, et al. earlier this month in Multnomah County, Ore. The talented artist has kindly shared her sketches and drawings with me. 

Some days during the seven-day trial had no photographer because of severe restrictions placed on media access by the court due to security concerns. The trial was marred by repeated security incidents and some have speculated that juror intimidation may have played a role in the verdict. Members of Antifa, including those with riot-related convictions or pending felony cases, were roaming the hallways and even entered the courtroom to try to intimidate me.

Trial defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter were found not liable of assault and battery against me, even though Hacker admitted on the stand to one of the attacks.

Two weeks after the verdict was read, a follow-up court hearing resulted in three other defendants being found liable of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress against me. Madison "Denny" Lee Allen, Katherine "Corbyn" Belyea, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy (formerly Joseph Christian Evans)—all trans people — were ordered to pay me $300,000 in damages. The latest court development has caused Antifa to fume and rage.

Collecting on the ruling will be challenging due to the defendants' history of evasion. You can support my legal fund at the Center for American Liberty.

Tara Faul's courtroom illustrations below:

Andy Ngo testifies on the stand. Tara Faul


Antifa defendant John Colin Hacker
Antifa defendant John Colin Hacker admitted to one of the attacks when under oath. Tara Faul


Antifa defendant Elizabeth Renee Richter chased after and threatened to violently beat Andy Ngo after he was already bloodied on May 28, 2021. Tara Faul


Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Chanpone Sinlapasai presided over the trial. Tara Faul


Antifa defendant John Hacker had his camera phone faced in the direction of jurors at one point before being called out by Andy Ngo's attorney


John Hacker's defense attorney Michelle Burrows told jurors before they deliberated on the verdict: 'I'm going to remember every one of your faces when you leave here.' Tara Faul
Andy Ngo takes the stand to testify. Tara Faul


Andy Ngo listens to claims from the antifa witnesses. Tara Faul


Andy Ngo's attorney, Dorothy Yamamoto, speaks to the jurors in her closing statement. Tara Faul


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July 18, 2023
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Updates on Andy Ngo's lawsuit against Antifa
In 2020, I filed a lawsuit against those who allegedly attacked me

In 2020, I filed a lawsuit with the help of the Center for American Liberty against the alleged antifa militants who attacked me. You might remember some of those violent incidents were caught on camera

Benjamin Patrick Bolen and I have reached a settlement.


Benjamin Patrick Bolen
Benjamin Patrick Bolen

The court granted an order of default against Madison Lee Allen, Joseph Christian Evans and Corbyn/Katherine Belyea. Rose City Antifa was dismissed by the court on July 14, 2023 on the grounds that an unassociated entity cannot be sued.


Madison Lee Allen
Joseph Christian Evans legally changed his name to Sammica Overkill Schott-Deputy in December 2022
Katherine/Corbyn Belyea

The lawsuit against the remaining alleged antifa defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter goes to trial later this summer. At the court hearing on July 14, the court denied Hacker and Richter's efforts to be dismissed from the lawsuit.


Defendant John Colin Hacker
Defendant Elizabeth Renee Richter

Thank you to Harmeet Dhillon and my steadfast attorneys Gregory Michael and Dorothy Yamamoto at Michael Yamamoto LLP. You can join me in my legal fight against antifa by donating to my legal fund:



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