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Trans reporter appears to threaten Andy Ngo and others
September 15, 2022
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A trans journalist who is published in Forbes, Daily Beast and elsewhere changed her Twitter banner to a collage of pictures of Libs of TikTok, teen detransitioner Chloe Cole, and of me having just been assaulted, along with the text: “I condone any/all violence.”

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Dawn Ennis' Twitter banner appears to suggest violence against her targets

Dawn Ennis, who was previously known as Don Ennis, was previously fired from ABC News and has switched gender identities multiple times. She is now a liberal freelance writer who specializes in trans issues. Ennis fathered three children and was married to their mother, but after she died, now identifies as their new mother.

Dawn Ennis (right) was previously known as Don Ennis. He is pictured with his late wife



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