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July 23, 2022
Satanists arrested in N.J. over pro-abortion vandalism of church

On July 19, Lower Township Police in New Jersey arrested two pro-abortion Satanists in connection to the vandalism of a signboard belonging to the St. John Neumann Catholic Church in North Cape May, N.J.

Patrick W. Rosenkrans (born Dec. 27, 1988), and Jennifer M. Paul (born Jan. 19, 1986), both of Villas, N.J., allegedly wrote a Satanic message and symbol and "defenestrate babies" on the church property. They've been charged with criminal mischief. I researched both suspects and found Rosenkrans to have a history of anti-Christian posts on his social media. Jennifer Paul's photographs show a Satanic temple flag in the background.

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November 27, 2022
Antifa call for 'month of attacks' as retaliation for World Cup capitalism

I was interviewed by Newsmax about an Antifa group in Portland, Ore. calling for a "month of attacks" after smashing up the Adidas North American headquarters. I also weigh in on the Colorado deadly gay club shooting by a nonbinary suspect.

November 24, 2022
Andy Ngo live: Portland Antifa child sex predator suspect

This is episode 24 of Andy Ngo's Weekly Notice. It originally aired live on Sept. 8, 2022 on Gettr. You can watch "Weekly Notice" live every Thursday at 7 p.m. ET exclusively on my GETTR. Link: This is an ad-free show that requires your support. Join me at

November 20, 2022
Andy Ngo's Antifa Attacker Questioned at Portland Criminal Trial

PORTLAND — In Oregon v. John Colin Hacker, where Portland Antifa member John Hacker was charged with third-degree robbery of me over three and a half years earlier, he waived his right to remain silent to testify. During the trial on Nov,. 15, 2022, in which I also testified in person, Antifa threatened to find and kill me. Judge Eric L. Dahlin ruled that even though I was victimized and was "blameless," he could not find that Hacker was guilty of third-degree robbery.

October 07, 2021
Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired

On 7 Oct., 2021, Andy Ngo spoke with Portland radio host Lars Larsen about the latest far-left attempts to de-flatform and cancel him.

Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired
October 05, 2021
The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo was chronicled on the 5 Oct., 2021, episode of the American Story podcast hosted by Christopher Flannery, a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Subscribe to the podcast here:

The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo
July 10, 2021
Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill

I am uploading my podcast episodes here after SoundCloud banned (then unbanned) me. Many of you may not have heard my 2019–20 podcast episodes from "Things You Should Ngo." Here is my interview with Brendan O'Neill about the weaponization of political correctness. It was first uploaded in September 2019.

Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill
February 06, 2022
Ngo: 'Antifa almost killed me — but I won’t stop reporting their dangerous deeds'

The New York Post has published the previously unreleased surveillance video of Antifa hunting me down and beating me when I returned to Portland in May 2021. The Portland Police did not interview those identified as participants that night. The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office under Mike Schmidt did not press any charges. Antifa falsely claimed I faked the incident.

February 01, 2022
New update to 'Unmasked' available now via paperback

Antifa tried to get my book banned last year. They then stalked and beat me in Portland to prevent me from writing the updates in "Unmasked." The new paperback edition of the NYT bestseller is out now:

November 28, 2022
Feces-throwing Antifa groups suspended on Twitter

Two Antifa groups that used Twitter to instruct fellow comrades to hurl human waste at law enforcement and political targets have been suspended under Elon Musk's Twitter. "Pissbloc" & "Shitbloc" (a play on Antifa black bloc) provided instructions that said comrades should collect feces in buckets.

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Breaking: Man accused of trying to bomb area next to Washington state Tesla store identified

A 44-year-old Seattle-area man has been identified as the suspect in Friday's violent arson attack and bomb threat next to a Tesla property in Lynnwood, Wash. that led to an hours-long standoff finally ended by a SWAT team unit. The arson attack and bomb threat followed promises the same day by Twitter Antifa accounts to burn down Tesla properties as revenge against Elon Musk for suspending their accounts.

Hours before the bomb threat and arson attack, Antifa had called for Tesla properties to be targeted as revenge against Elon Musk
"AshRedacted" was a Portland Antifa account that organized and promoted violent direct actions

Michael Paul Hargett allegedly threatened a business owner with a screwdriver at a business next to a Tesla store on Nov. 25 before threatening responding police with a crowbar. According to the Lynnwood Police Department, Hargett said he was armed with a handgun. An attempt to tase the suspect failed. Police say he barricaded himself in a room and moved propane and acetylene tanks in position, threatening to blow up the area. 

Michael Paul Hargett allegedly carried out an arson attack next to a Seattle-area Tesla store and threatened to blow up the area

During the attack, Hargett allegedly smashed windows open so he could hurl projectiles at police. Once the suspect started a fire, a mobilized SWAT unit doused the flames with a fire hose before breaching the building by using a robot. Police evacuated the area during the stand off that lasted nearly five hours. 

Hargett was charged with felony second-degree assault, felony second-degree arson, felony first-degree malicious mischief of a business, felony theft of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Suspect Michael Paul Hargett has been charged with multiple felonies

The incident came at a tense time for Tesla as earlier the same day, a prominent Portland Antifa account that organized multiple violent direct actions had called for attacks on Tesla properties

"The fascist Elon Musk has chosen his side in history aligning with fascists and white supremacy so tonight we are calling for actions across the so-called 'US' at every local Tesla dealership," read the flyer shared by "@AshRedacted." The flyer listed Portland's Tesla store address and the account followed up with addresses of Tesla locations across the country. The account was later suspended following reporting by this journalist.

Though police have not stated a possible political motive for Friday's incident next to a Tesla store, Antifa accounts nonetheless praised the attack.

"Someone in Lynnwood, WA went to the Tesla service center last night and (allegedly) set it on fire only after (allegedly) threatening the pigs with a crowbar and getting tased. They had to call in swat. F—kin' legend," tweeted Rose City Antifa member, "@Redwood_PDX.

Portland Antifa account "Redwood_PDX" celebrated the attack next to the Tesla store

But not every Antifa account was happy that calls for attacks were announced early on Twitter. 

"You do not need to announce a target before hitting it. In fact you should explicitly not do that," wrote Portland Antifa account, "@dennisispeasant.

"If the goal is the immediate gains from an attack I shouldn’t know about it until after it happens and I should never know who did it...We are massively underpowered compared to our enemies and thus we must be f—ng sneaky."

Seattle-area reporter Jonathan Choe was outside the stand-off last Friday night. 

"When I arrived I saw multiple streets blocked off and the SWAT team was on scene trying to negotiate with a man who barricaded himself into an auto body shop," Choe said. "With multiple reports of threats by Antifa and far-left activists against Tesla, especially in the Pacific Northwest, I asked if this situation had anything to do with that. The officer said at the time he couldn’t confirm or deny anything since it was too early."

At the bail hearing for the suspect on Monday afternoon in Snohomish County, the judge said Hargett has another open criminal case for burglary. State prosecutors requested bail be increased from $50,000 to $100,000, but that was denied by the judge. Hargett is still currently in the county jail.




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November 04, 2022
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Antifa in Portland boast about voter fraud campaign across city
An Antifa account in Portland, Ore. regularly involved with planning riots is boasting about committing voter fraud by submitting multiple ballots every day across the city. He is encouraging his comrades to do the same. Oregon has universal mail-in voting.
The person running the account branded himself with a tattoo of Rose City Antifa
Polling shows Republican gubernatorial candidate, Christine Drazan, is statistically tied against Democrat Tina Kotek in the deep blue state. The person behind the Antifa account is a member of violent extremist group, Rose City Antifa. He branded himself with a tattoo of the organization on his hand.
Christine Drazan (R) and Tina Kotek (D)
Kotek, who served as the speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives for nine years, expressed support for Antifa rioters in 2020 and her top staffer was arrested at a violent riot. She is seen as a continuation of outgoing governor Kate Brown.
In Portland, far-left city council incumbent Jo Ann Hardesty is polling double digits behind moderate Democrat Rene Gonzalez, sparking fury among Hardesty's militant leftist supporters.
Antifa have expressed support for Portland city council incumbent Jo Ann Hardesty due to her open hatred of police
Moderate Portland city council candidate Rene Gonzalez 
Gonzalez's campaign office in downtown has been repeatedly smashed up in attacks believed to be tied to Antifa direct actions. He campaigns on a pro-public safety and law enforcement platform.
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November 03, 2022
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Breaking: Portland Antifa riot arrestee charged over child sex abuse and making child porn

Portland Antifa riot arrestee William David Kerr has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies related to sexually abusing a child and making child porn. The 35-year-old Portlander was arrested by Gresham Police on Nov. 2 and charged with felony first-degree sexual abuse, felony using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, and two charges of fourth-degree assault.

Convicted felon William Kerr is accused of sexually abusing a child and making child porn
William Kerr's child sex abuse charges in Multnomah County

Kerr is a career criminal and convicted felon who was arrested at a violent Antifa riot in 2016 in downtown Portland after Donald Trump was announced as the presidential election winner against Hillary Clinton. For three days, Antifa and far-left rioters smashed up businesses and cars, and also started fires across the city. Kerr's second-degree disorderly conduct charge over the riot was quickly dropped by prosecutors.

It is unknown if he returned to rioting in 2020, but on his social media, he shared a video in August 2020 defending rioting and looting.

William Kerr has a long criminal history in the Portland area

Kerr has a long criminal history in Oregon. In 2006, he was convicted of attempting to commit both a Class A and Class B felony over a violent robbery case. In March last year, he was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon, and other felony charges. The attempted murder and attempt to commit a Class A felony charges were dropped by the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office under DA Mike Schmidt while a judge dismissed the remaining felony charges.

William Kerr's charges over an attempted murder case were dropped and dismissed


In September, a protection order case against Kerr was opened for a minor.

Kerr's child sex abuse case echoes another recent case of Portland Antifa riot arrestee, Aubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward, who was arrested and charged following a child sex sting in a neighboring county.

This is a developing story. Gresham Police has been reached for comment.

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