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November 22, 2021
Leftists lash out over Ngo's reporting on Waukesha, Wis. massacre suspect

Leftists on Twitter lashed out and were furious after Andy Ngo was among the first to report out that the suspect in the Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade massacre is a black man who espoused leftist views.

Darrel Edward Brooks Jr., is accused of killing five people and mowing down 48 others at a Christmas parade in Waukesha on Sunday. Children and grandmothers are among the victims. Brooks has a long violent criminal history spanning multiple states that include battery, domestic abuse and child sex abuse. He has resisted arrest in most of his interactions with law enforcement. Brooks is a registered child sex offender in the state of Nevada.

Days before allegedly running down people at the parade, Brooks was released on a $1,000 bail based on charges stemming from a case earlier this month where he allegedly ran over a woman in a parking lot. Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm is a progressive who advocates for abolishing high bail amounts.

Before Brooks' various social media accounts were taken down, I documented how he espoused views in support of Black Lives Matter causes, George Floyd and black nationalism. He also expressed hatred for Donald Trump (he made a "F— Donald Trump" rap track) and also posted about knocking out white people, including the elderly. See thread:

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January 26, 2023
Andy Ngo live | Visiting the deadly Atlanta autonomous zone

An Epoch Times reporter visited the Atlanta autonomous zone following the shooting last week. The militants and their supporters have set up a shrine to celebrate the martyrdom of the deceased gunman who shot an officer. Watch my livestream:

January 25, 2023
Antifa promises violent revenge following comrade gunman's death in Atlanta

On Jan. 20, 2023, Andy Ngo spoke with Eric Bolling on Newsmax about a far-left group's promise of violent revenge following the death of their comrade gunman at the Atlanta autonomous zone occupation.

January 24, 2023
Andy Ngo: Media and Democrats are trying to deceive us about the Antifa terror attacks in Atlanta

"[Democrats] not only neglected the violence from the far-left. They've actually intentionally denied it, and tried to gaslight the public."

Newsmax's Rob Schmitt interviewed me about the left-wing efforts in politics and media to deceive us about the attack in Atlanta:

October 07, 2021
Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired

On 7 Oct., 2021, Andy Ngo spoke with Portland radio host Lars Larsen about the latest far-left attempts to de-flatform and cancel him.

Antifa tries to get Andy Ngo fired
October 05, 2021
The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo was chronicled on the 5 Oct., 2021, episode of the American Story podcast hosted by Christopher Flannery, a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Subscribe to the podcast here:

The American Story Podcast: Andy Ngo
July 10, 2021
Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill

I am uploading my podcast episodes here after SoundCloud banned (then unbanned) me. Many of you may not have heard my 2019–20 podcast episodes from "Things You Should Ngo." Here is my interview with Brendan O'Neill about the weaponization of political correctness. It was first uploaded in September 2019.

Podcast: The Armed Wing of Political Correctness ft. Brendan O'Neill
January 23, 2023
Spoiled children of privilege trying to burn Atlanta down

Breaking: The six arrested at the Atlanta Antifa riot on Saturday night bring the total to 19 so far charged with serious terrorism offenses in connection with the "Stop Cop City" autonomous zone occupation. I investigated their backgrounds. Nearly all are children of pampered privilege from out of state. Here's everything you need to know about the year-and-a-half-long autonomous zone occupation near Atlanta:

February 01, 2022
New update to 'Unmasked' available now via paperback

Antifa tried to get my book banned last year. They then stalked and beat me in Portland to prevent me from writing the updates in "Unmasked." The new paperback edition of the NYT bestseller is out now:

50 minutes ago
Scottish government holds off on sending violent trans convicts to women's prisons

In a blow to leftists and militant trans activists, the Scottish government has announced that trans women incarcerated for violent crimes will be blocked from female prisons pending the conclusion of a review. The change was sparked by the announcement that a convicted Scottish rapist who now identifies as a woman would be sent to a women's prison.

January 22, 2023
post photo preview
Lunar new year and the tragedy of the leftist hate hoax
Andy Ngo opines on the Monterey Park mass shooting and how the left spread another hate hoax

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023, marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year festivities in China, southeast Asia and their diaspora communities around the world. I grew up celebrating the Vietnamese variation of the holiday, known as "tết," which welcomes spring based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The holiday is the most important event of the year to those cultures, serving a similar function to Christmas for Western societies. The celebrations last for days and people, wherever they are, often travel back to their hometowns and villages to spend time with family. In eastern societies, filial piety, the respect for one's parents and elders, is the most important cultural value—and the quickest one to be lost when second-generation Asians assimilate into Western societies.

Unfortunately, the eve of the Lunar New Year in the U.S. was marked with a deadly mass shooting in Monterey Park, Calif., a predominately East Asian city near Los Angeles. At least 10 people were killed in a shooting at a ballroom venue overnight on Saturday. Authorities revealed little information about the shooting and victims other than that a gunman was at-large. 

By Sunday morning, left-wing activists and Democrat politicians seized the tragedy not to inform the public about the shooting and the wanted gunman, but to spread conspiracies and baseless claims the shooting was a white supremacist attack. 

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December 30, 2022
post photo preview
Portland Antifa 'journalist' convicted for attacking police vehicle using knife
Melissa Lewis self-identifies as a journalist
Violent Portland Antifa member Melissa Alexandra Lewis, 32, was convicted earlier this month for attacking a police vehicle with a knife. On Oct. 13, the self-identified journalist used a blade to slash up a Portland Police cruiser in downtown Portland, Ore. She was originally charged with second-degree criminal mischief and carrying a concealed weapon, but the latter charge was dropped. Lewis was quickly released from jail without bail.
Portland Antifa member Melissa A. Lewis has now turned to sex work
"I got arrested for the first time yesterday. It was bound to happen given their [the police] hatred of me," Lewis tweeted at the time.
Melissa Lewis has a conspiracy theory she was arrested because of police hatred of her (she later pleaded guilty)
Although she originally lied and pleaded not guilty, she changed her plea to guilty on Dec. 13. She was fined $314 and was given a one-year bench probation sentence. One of her retained private attorneys is far-left activist Benjamin R. Scissors, who also represented Portland Antifa member John Hacker in his criminal trial last month for violently attacking me.
Melissa Lewis' attorney Benjamin Scissors is a far-left activist who expressed admiration for violent extremist race hoaxer Shaun King
Lewis has targeted me since 2020 for my criticisms of her Antifa militancy and violent extremism. She also has a history of filing frivolous lawsuits. In 2021, Lewis infamously sued me for retweeting her before withdrawing the lawsuit because it was frivolous.
Melissa Lewis explains why she filed the frivolous lawsuit against Andy Ngo that was withdrawn
In November 2020, Lewis and other far-left activists sued the City of Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler, the Portland Police chief, the county, DHS and many others for what they claimed were civil rights violations against their disabilities because they weren't allowed to stay at riots. The case was dismissed.
Melissa Lewis with Rose City Antifa member Luis Marquez, who has been accused by his comrade ex-girlfriend of "grooming"



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December 25, 2022
post photo preview
End of the year message from Andy Ngo

Thank you for following my work for another year. 2022 saw the release of the updated paperback release of my bestselling book, my many news stories about Antifa and other far-left criminal suspects, and my testimony as a witness in a criminal trial of an Antifa member who attacked me. It has brought me across countries and continents, and subjected me to many more threats—as well as messages of support. 

Andy Ngo walking into the Multnomah County court in Portland, Ore. on Nov. 15, 2022 for the criminal trial of Antifa member John Hacker

I wish you a happy Christmas and new year. Though I did not grow up in a Christian home, I cherish the Christmas season because of its beautiful traditions and emphasis on family and gratitude.

Ngo met Japanese independent journalist Masako Ganaha at the Brown's Hotel in London, where the first successful phone call was believed to be made in Britain in 1877

For those looking for a way to support my work, please consider becoming a subscriber here. I can only do this with your generosity. Thank you.



May your holidays be filled with memory-making experiences with your loved ones.


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